Gourd Craft
Posted 08 May 2019 Gourd Craft

Gourd Craft has a long history and is a symbol of auspicious culture in China. Gourd culture has become one of Chinese cultural genes.

Woodcut New Year pictures
Posted 21 February 2019 Woodcut New Year pictures

Woodcut New Year pictures are miniatures of Chinese society, revealing ancient people’s wish for a good harvest, which are of great value to the study of the production and development of Chinese society, folk customs and ideology. In November 2019, Linfen Pingyang Woodcut New Year Pictures Museum was listed in List of Representative Project Protection Units of National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Pingyang porcelain
Posted 30 January 2019 Pingyang porcelain

China is the hometown of porcelain which is a significant creation by ancient Chinese people. Pingyang porcelain integrates regional characteristics into the porcelain art and embodies the profound culture of Linfen.

Taiping Xiuqiu
Posted 16 November 2018 Taiping Xiuqiu

Taiping Xiuqiu is a traditional folk handicraft widely spread in Linfen City. It has a long history and embodies the traditional culture and wisdom of Linfen people. In 2017, Taiping Xiuqiu was identified as a provincial intangible cultural heritage.

Linfen Museum
Posted 15 November 2018 Linfen Museum

Linfen Museum, a comprehensive center for cultural relics in Linfen, protects, stores and displays precious cultural relics that represent Linfen's history and culture. It features mainly bronzes, ceramics, Buddhism paintings and woodcut New Year pictures. Deploying new digital technologies, the museum showcases the profound cultural heritage of Linfen through the four thematic culture parts arranged in chronological order.

Linfen Library
Posted 15 November 2018 Linfen Library

Linfen Library is a comprehensive public library which integrates the classics collection, traditional library service, digital service and remote service. The overall image of the library takes the shape of ancient bamboo book with a lighthouse in the middle symbolizing knowledge. The whole building inclines gradually from north to south. It is a modern public library, characterized by its inclusiveness, comfort, and people-oriented style. Linfen Library, as an important city card and "landmark" building of Linfen, is the largest public literature information base and a center of cultural education for the public in southern Shanxi Province.

The Jin State Museum
Posted 15 November 2018 The Jin State Museum

The Jin State Museum, located in Quwo County, Linfen City, is the first ancient relic museum in Shanxi Province. It is divided into four cultural layers, including Yangshao and Longshan culture layers representing the neolithic period, Xia Dynasty culture layer, culture layer from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Warring States Period, as well as culture layers of the Qin, Han, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties.